Face Masks: The Do and Don’ts of wearing a Face mask

The public health experts and the front-lines agree that wearing a face mask helps to minimize the spread of COVID-19. People are wearing a face mask or cloth face-covering in public in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings along with other social distancing measures. However, social distancing is quite difficult to be maintained at places such as grocery stores. Pharmacies, while visiting your physicians and traveling on public transportation.

The novel coronavirus spread through respiratory droplets that get into the air from sneezing, coughing, or even speaking. Wearing a mask will act as a shield and will prevent those droplets to reach another person. The mask will be only effective if you choose to wear the correct one. However, cloth masks don’t provide the same level of protection as Medical Grade Surgical Masks.

You can purchase face masks online from Micronti. Here are the do and don’ts of wearing a face mask.

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